Do you have plans to renovate your existing home or perhaps a home you are about to purchase?  We can realise this for you.

There are many aspects to a renovation project, like the design, the permitting process, the construction drawings, technical drawings, demolition, interior detailing, costs and timelines, all need to be carefully considered.

We have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with these matters, at home and abroad.

Initially a renovation project might seem relatively easy to manage.  However, reality might well prove otherwise!  In our experience coordination is the key.  We frequently see that the many contractors working on the project do not know what the other trades are doing.  Poor coordination and lack of involvement have a negative impact on planning, quality and cost.

With our integral approach, from design to realisation, combined with our knowledge and experience we can prevent this and be competitive.


The process starts with the design, but our integral approach does not allow us to view design as a separate from all following phases. 

Before starting with our design process we look at the desired end result.  We want to hear from you how you live, what you like, what you think the renovation should cost and how much time you have allocated for the project.

Only once we feel we have the answers to these questions can we proceed with the design phase.We do not only execute concepts that we also designed.  Frequently, our clients have selected their own architect. In this case we equally strive to understand the design concept so we can properly support the following project phases.  Naturally, we will involve the architect to be part of the project team.



This is a crucial phase in the project where the current condition of the building is examined, taking rules and regulations into account.  We then establish what is required to execute the design whilst upgrading to current standards.  In this phase we chart our plan of approach for construction and relocation and work out the budget.


During the entire process, from design to realisation, you have one contact person who will lead the project and give you regular updates.  In our experience; weekly project meetings work best.

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Depending on the type of interior and furniture, the chosen materials and the design we decide what needs to be sourced new or built specially.  We will include these elements in our installation.


Only once the complete interior styling and decoration has been completed is your home finished.  You might choose to take care of this phase yourself, but we are also able to help.


Once the renovation has been completed you can move in.  We can assist in this process by having our team unpack and place your possessions, as well as install equipment like televisions and appliances.



If you would like more information about our services, please contact us. thanks in advance

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