We have expanded to include office design and renovation the moment standard office space (with conventional cubicles and some greenery) started making way for inspiring places to work.
Our background is the design and construction of superior brand stores for internationally renowned brands.  Designing and building a retail location is a dynamic and complex process.  The design needs to be original and deadlines need to be kept short.                                              This requires optimal flexibility from the team, as frequently we need to build after hours to keep disruption for those retailers around us to a minimum.  We are able to apply this approach to office projects.  This mind-set and flexibility allows us to make the difference compared to our more traditional competitors.


The process starts with the design, but our integral approach does not allow us to view design as a separate from all following phases. 

Before starting with our design process we look at the desired end result.  We try to imagine what the space will be like once it is finished and everyone is sat at their work space.  Will it be an inspiring and pleasant environment?  Will clients enjoy visiting your offices?  Will it have the look and feel that reflects your company DNA?  What is the budget required and will we succeed in meeting the project deadlines?

Only once we feel we have the answers to these questions can we proceed with the design phase.

We do not only execute concepts that we also designed.  Frequently, our clients have selected their own architect. In this case we equally strive to understand the design concept so we can properly execute the following project phases.  Naturally, we will involve the architect as part of the project team.


This is the crucial phase between design and realisation.                                                                      We examine the current condition of the building and establish what is required to execute the design whilst upgrading to current standards.  This is the phase where we chart our plan of approach and work out the budget.


We have an established network of local architects across Europe who can facilitate permitting and ensure the project complies with local rules and regulations.  In addition to this, we also have strong relationships with local contractors who execute site construction and technical installation.

Special attention is paid to the technical infrastructure. Requirements regarding ICT, security and safety differ for each client as they are essential elements of your operations.



Together we choose for either standard office furniture or bespoke furniture. In our experience most clients prefer a combination of the two.                                                                                                                  We tend to use standard elements to build up the work stations but use a more custom approach for meeting rooms, receptions, inspiration rooms, hospitality spaces and other leisure areas.


The move from the old offices to the new space tends to be a major operation.  To ensure that you do not have any downtime, we frequently move over the weekend. We frequently support moves as we are familiar with the old layout as well as the new.  Working together with IT services we are able to deliver fully operational workspaces.



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